5D Building Information Modelling (BIM)

What is 5D BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is 3-dimensional object-based data modelling where each object is defined with characteristics, functionality and performance. The detail within each model varies depending on its intended purpose and it can provide with insight into planning, designing, constructing and managing a project. Once a 3D BIM model is prepared, the time aspect and construction sequencing can be incorporated into the model to create a 4D model. To take it further another step, costs per unit associated with each element in the model can be incorporated to said 4D model to transform it into 5D BIM.

Benefits of 5D BIM

  • Easy access to robust cost estimates for user defined work packages
  • Easily track predicted vs actual spend throughout the project for regular cost reporting.
  • Facilitates collaborative working platform between all parties
  • Client organisations can explore changes to deign, impact on cost and programme can be tracked in live time as BIM model is updated

How to get started with 5D BIM?

For a project to use 5D BIM successfully, an appropriate system needs to be put in place to support the integration. 

When identifying what system will be appropriate for the integration, the MOSCOW rules are a good place to begin. Identify what your system requirements are in terms of what it must have, what it should and could do, and what it won’t be able to do. 

The next steps are: 

  • Technically qualify vendors, prepare example data
  • Give the vendors the context – your BIM Execution Plan and Project Controls Plan
  • Be clear about pass/fail and quality scoring against requirements
  • Do a proof of concept with the preferred vendor(s)

This is not always easy to do as people are limited by their knowledge of what is possible which is where expert practitioners can assist. 

How can LogiKal help?

Logikal’s expert consultants have knowledge of Planning, BIM and, most importantly, the experience of how to integrate schedules and cost with the BIM models to implement 5D BIM on your project. Our expertise in working for a wide range of projects in all different phases gave us the confidence to know what is the best 5D solution for your project, from the entire programme sequence, or only for critical and complex parts of your project, we can advise you and implement the best solution, guaranteeing an improvement to your project outcomes by moving your project to another dimension.