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Can benchmarking your data help your business reach its project goals?

Why Benchmarking is the most important part of your company strategy for implementing change To survive in the modern-day, it is vital that businesses are consistently identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing the changes required to make it happen. However, all too often plans to implement change fail to deliver the desired benefits. If you

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How to establish a single source of truth for your project

What is holding businesses back and how can a single source of truth be achieved? Imagine a dashboard offering dynamic, accurate reporting data pulled together from systems across the business.  Data which can more accurately predict future trends based on reliable past performance data. Data which facilitates comparisons between projects with portfolio-wide reporting best practices.

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How to effectively implement change in the construction industry

Top Down or Bottom Up? A Change Management perspective in the construction industry Achieving meaningful, lasting organisational change can be challenging and complex. This article compares the top-down and bottom-up approach to implementing change. Using recent examples, David Eveleigh, Subject Matter Expert for Change and Managing Consultant at LogiKal, uses his specialist knowledge of change

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