How can you increase the performance of your major projects?

Learnings from our LogiKal Global 2019 Project Controls Survey

It may come as surprise to you to find out that 51% of projects have underperformed or not met their objectives at all, according to our recent research of c.700 project professionals, from 12+ industries and across 7 regions.  If you are in the 5.8% of respondents whose projects have met all of their objectives, then you have done a fantastic job. But it’s likely there is room for improvement in your project success, so here are four key learnings from our research to help you improve project success.

1. Integrate your people, processes and systems

Projects that have been set up for success will have highly effective project controls functions that consider these three core elements: people, processes and systems. Those organisations with highly effective teams and fully integrated processes and systems achieved a 91% project success rate, achieving all or most of their time, cost and quality objectives.  When these three elements are properly established and working in harmony, project controls functions can accurately predict, understand and influence the time and cost aspects of a project. When high importance is placed on project controls, organisations are also 3.5x more likely to achieve success.

2. Gender diversity improves project success

Organisations with a 40-50% female workplace found that that 52% of their projects achieved most or all of their project outcomes, as opposed to only 41% of projects achieving most of their outcomes in organisations with a 10-20% female workplace.

Attitudes towards women in the workplace within project management are positive, with 87% of those researched promoting gender equality in the workplace. Although there is still more that can be done, it is encouraging to see this importance placed on gender diverse teams. Of those respondents that did not actively promote gender diversity, 84% stated that there is a need to increase skills in their teams.

Sarah Wenn, Programme Controls Manager at Heathrow Airport Limited, said: “having worked within a client organisation that is very actively promoting both diversity and inclusion I can see the benefits. Not only does it make for better decision making but also a happier workforce”.

3. Focus on your people

With only 17% of those researched believing that their project controls teams have the skills required to perform their functions successfully, it is clear why so many projects are failing to meet their objectives. Ensuring your teams have the right skills, through recruitment and training, is key to success. ‘Planning’ and ‘Data Analytics & Visualisation’ were identified as two main areas of focus for improvement.  When people feel fully able to perform at their best, they are more likely to stay with your organisation and we found in our survey that those organisations where staff turnover was less than 5% were 2.5X more successful.

4. Embrace innovations and emerging technologies

Technology advancements such as 4D Planning and Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques are adding value and increasing levels of project success to those investing in emerging technology. Organisations using 4D planning on a regular basis are achieving 3X more success on projects. However, a lack of clarity on the benefits and the availability of skilled resource is preventing further take up.

Bryn Lockett, LogiKal CEO stated “The results show that cutting edge BIM techniques are adding real value, increasing transparency and improving control throughout delivery.  However, with that comes an important realisation that their adoption involves much more than just a set of new tools and systems, but also a change in organisational culture, improvements in the skills of the people and the processes that underpin them.”

How is your industry performing?

Our research showed that the Aviation/Airports sector is achieving the greatest project success (65%) whilst the Rail & Underground sector falls to the bottom with only 40% project success. In previous survey results, Rail & Underground was among the top 3 most successful industries which indicates that the perception of rail industry reaching objectives has been negatively impacted this year.

In conclusion, our Global Project Controls Survey 2019 shows that although we are seeing developments in project controls through increasing integration of both project management processes and the systems that underpin them, there is still room for improvement. As governments across the globe continue to invest in infrastructure, there will be an increasing demand for capability and capacity to ensure better project outcomes and cost benefits.

To find out more about how your organisation can improve project success, download the full Global Project Controls Survey 2019 here or get in touch today!

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