FMG Sustaining Capital Projects

Following the successful delivery of T45 and with T155 Project in process, Fortescue Metals engaged LogiKal to design and implement a PMO for the new Sustaining Capital Projects function. Working closely with the EPCM and Fortescue Teams LogiKal developed the processes and systems to enable FMG to start to effectively package and deliver sustaining capital works. Once the PMO was established and processes embedded LogiKal was retained to perform several key roles within the PMO and delivery teams. Lessons: Despite engaging an EPCM for 4 years to run major capital projects, very little IP in the form of processes and systems was actually transferable to the Client to help them deliver sustaining capital works and the client found they had to “pay for it twice”. If LogiKal had of been engaged earlier to manage the transition from Major Capital to Sustaining capital we could have ensured transfer of IP, once.