Gatwick Airport Programme Management Office

LogiKal was engaged by Gatwick Airport in 2008 to develop a Programme Management Office (PMO) to support the Airport with its £1 billion Capital Investment Programme. The PMO ensured a controlled delivery focus and improved accountability across the airport capital investment programme. LogiKal delivered Gatwick Airport’s first Integrated Baseline Review, improving interface management between individual projects and dramatically improving risk and change management as a result. LogiKal worked with Gatwick Airports Management to deliver all aspects of the PMO: project controls, scheduling and cost, risk and opportunity management, change management, stake-holder management and commercial management across the programme. LogiKal’s involvement ensured effective integration between functions of the PMO, client management and project delivery teams. They leveraged their global experience to prepare Gatwick Airport for its first IBR, which improved accountability greatly.

“Gatwick is now in a fundamentally better place with capital programme controls and is able to understand and deal with structural and performance issues as they arise. This is the largely due to the considerable effort which has been put in by my own team, the LogiKal team and effective working between the two”.