Heathrow Airport Terminal 2B

LogiKal was engaged to provide technical expertise and leadership of the programme and project controls function. By implementing robust process and structure LogiKal dramatically improved programme quality and reliability, securing incentive bonuses for the client. This meticulous approach guaranteed that the programme was delivered in line with client and contract requirements, successfully targeting key operational interface milestones. LogiKal ensured that the programme was at the heart of the project, directing delivery and highlighting the impact of change and improving project transparency. This enabled the project to adopt a performance based culture, with efficient and accurate data allowing proactive management and preventing excessive cost overruns. As a result, LogiKal became the trusted advisor to the project leadership team; their honest insights were valuable for effective direction on this complex airside project. The success of this project and our strong relationship with the client resulted in our continuing involvement at Heathrow.

“LogiKal was instrumental in changing the culture of the organisation to one where programme and performance were at the heart of project delivery”.