Sydney Light Rail, NSW, Australia

LogiKal was engaged by the Project Director to undertake a strategic review of the Sydney Light Rail delivery programme to better understand the delivery challenges being faced and how they might be overcome. The review was undertaken over a 3 – 4 week period and identified several improvement opportunities to strengthen performance management and improve delivery. The output from the review was an agreed improvement programme signed off by the Project Director and the joint venture parties. LogiKal was asked to lead the several of the improvement initiatives and support the joint venture in their delivery of the others and this was undertaken over 4 months in 3 phases. LogiKal then supported the embedding of these improvements over a further 6 months on an ad-hoc basis. With improvements established, LogiKal’s role transitioned into a managed service arrangement, where we continued to lead and deliver the project controls function for the Sydney Light Rail project which is due for completion in 2019.