Integrated Approval Management System

So what is IAMS?

IAMS is LogiKal’s ‘Integrated Approval Management System’ that is based upon the latest technology and best practice from our projects across the globe.

It’s an easy to use and accessible management tracking system that feeds its data from your teams’ multiple sources on a project and processes the required deliverable dates through structured processes linking directly to the projects scheduling programme.

This system allows the multiple disciplines individual management systems that can interact and show their impact to each other, on a locational and process driven basis. It maps every pre-construction requirement to the applicable design elements or asset and its location. This information can then be fed to any business intelligence tool such as Tableau, Qlikview or PowerBI to allow team members to delve into the information they want with speed and accuracy.

By linking all requirements directly to the projects programme it ensures all teams are looking at the same single source of information regardless of size or frequency of the change. As a result of the teams having a management system they can interact with on an easy platform it allows for consistent updates back to the Programme team in the format they require, minimising their work load of chasing updates.

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