How can you ensure your projects achieve improved benefits and ROI?

  • How do your industry and region compare to others?
  • How can you improve the benefits and ROI on your projects?
  • What tools and techniques are helping to deliver successful projects?

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Project Controls Survey Report


Project Controls Survey Report


Project Controls Survey Report

Key Insights

Every year we conduct a global survey and publish the findings which looks at some of the key issues and developments across the project controls industry. This year’s 2019 results highlighted some interesting insights around innovations, process & system integration and the perceived importance of project controls.

top industries finding success in projects
Success rate by industry We explored the link between industry and project success. Aviation/Airports was a new entry at Number 1 with Rail/Underground sinking to the bottom this year with just a 40% project success rate across all regions having been in third place last year. Oil & Gas and Mining also showed relatively high levels of success, consistent with our findings from previous years.
People & Skills¬† The survey results showed a clear need for upskilling within the industry with just 17% of respondents believing their teams have all the necessary skills required to perform their functions successfully. There was also an overwhelming majority of respondents that told us ‘Planning’ and ‘data analytics & visualisation’ were the two main focus areas for improvement.
Most critical role performed in a project management office
roject Controls System Wordcloud 2019
System Integration Integration of systems improves data quality and provides a positive shift in the mindset of teams in how they deal with project data. Overall, 82% of respondents recognised that having integrated systems made a difference to project outcomes, however, less than 10% said their systems were actually ‘fully integrated’.

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