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2020 Project Controls Survey Report

What do the most successful projects do differently?

  • How can you utilise project controls more effectively to achieve project outcomes?
  • What emerging trends and technologies are going to transform the industry?
  • How do your industry and region compare to others?

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Project Controls Survey Report


Project Controls Survey Report


Project Controls Survey Report

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Key Insights

Each year we conduct a global survey to measure performance and developments across major projects and to drive best practice improvements. This year’s 2020 survey finds that 66% of organisations can cut costs, reduce delivery time and improve major project quality. 

This survey by LogiKal shows that over the coming months, as organisations across the globe look to rebuild and grow, effective performance management and controls plays a big part in improving project management and helping to reduce costs and deliver more effective outcomes. The use of skilled teams and project tools will provide the insight and rigour to deliver projects that meet objectives across cost, time and quality measures.

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LogiKal 2020 Project Controls Survey successful Projects

How successful are projects? 

The survey demonstrated that projects are generally underperforming and that 66% could cut costs, reduce delivery time and improve the quality of the project through effective use of Project Controls.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

In this year’s survey we looked at key emerging trends to identify what is working and what is delivering results. Interestingly, projects using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate processes showed significant improvements in meeting quality (79%) and time (61%) objectives. However, projects using AI are highly developed in other key areas including their team skills and system and process integration. 

Skills & Capability

The survey found that when projects have a team of highly skilled people, they are 1.8x more likely to succeed whilst projects with a high level of process compliance are 2x more successful. 

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