Project Controls Maturity Assessment

What is it?

The Project Controls Maturity Assessment (PCMA) is an independent benchmarking of systems, processes and people against industry best practice. We provide a gap analysis and development proposals to improve your project’s overall performance.

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LogiKal Project Controls Maturity Assessment
At LogiKal, we have developed a tool and process in order to review an organisation/project’s capabilities against seven key areas across three constituent parts producing the output of a twenty-one-field matrix which represents the organisation’s capability fingerprint. This matrix can then be compared with best practice and a gap-matrix produced to identify where an organisation should focus improvement actions. This is accomplished through a series of document and process reviews along with interviews with key staff, drawing upon the experience and expertise of LogiKal staff and the wider business.

What are the benefits

Client benefits
  • Baseline your current project performance prior to making changes
  • Measure improvements
  • Ensure you are delivering best practice
  • Ensure you are receiving value for money.
  • Improve your understanding of industry best practice to move towards self-delivery.
  • Improve delivery efficiency to achieve cost, time and quality targets.
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
Contractor benefits
  • Improve delivery efficiency to achieve client project targets and secure increased margin and profit.
  • Improve awareness of industry best practice to develop improved capabilities and offerings to clients.
  • Measure performance against other major contractors and sectors to ensure competitiveness.
  • Implement innovative and world leading practices to secure sustained competitive advantage.

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