Governments globally continue to increase their investment in the defence industry to ensure the safety and security of their citizens. However, as always, when spending the public’s money, there is high public scrutiny and governments must continually seek efficiency improvements and financial savings. To achieve these savings and to ensure complex defence projects are delivered on time and budget, governance and control throughout delivery is particularly important. Raising industry capability and enhancing the robustness of management processes and procedures are key challenge areas to achieving this.

LogiKal 2020 Project Controls Survey Report

What tools and techniques are helping to deliver successful projects?

Whether upskilling the capability of the defence industry, or enhancing project management processes and the management information systems which underpin them, LogiKal can draw from their international experience to significantly improve their client’s delivery performance. In addition to increasing the likelihood of successful delivery on time and budget, implementing performance measurement to improve management enables clients to benchmark their own performance in order to measure year on year improvement and illustrate to government how they are contributing to the efficiency improvements they are seeking.

With experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom, working with defence clients delivering projects, LogiKal understands the key challenges and can draw on their extensive experience delivering projects to provide an appropriately robust solution to improve how they govern, manage and seek efficiencies throughout delivery.

Like to know more about what LogiKal has achieved for their Defence clients? Then give your local LogiKal office a call and we would be happy to put you in contact with one of our Defence Sector specialists to share some of the lessons (‘the good, the bad and the ugly’) we have learnt in successfully delivering defence projects.