Governments and private sector organisations globally continue to increase their investment in the Health industry, with a focus on improving health facilities, ensuring access to medicines, mental health, medical research and good aged care. However, as always, when spending the public’s money, there is high public scrutiny and governments must continually seek efficiency improvements and financial savings. To achieve these savings and to ensure projects and improvements within the Health industry are delivered efficiently, governance and control throughout delivery is particularly important. Raising industry capability and enhancing the robustness of management processes and procedures are key challenge areas to achieve this.

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Whether upskilling the capability of those delivering improvement projects within the health industry, or enhancing project management processes and the management information systems which underpin them, LogiKal can draw from their international experience to significantly improve delivery performance. In addition to increasing the likelihood of successful delivery on time and budget, implementing performance measurement to improve management enables clients to benchmark their own performance to measure year on year improvement and illustrate to government how they are contributing to the efficiency improvements they are seeking.

With experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom, working in the health sector delivering projects, whether a hospital improvement alongside an operational environment, improving IT infrastructure or migrating a leading institute from disparate locations to a new collocated building facility, LogiKal understands the key challenges and is able to draw on their significant experience delivering complex improvement projects alongside complex operations, and is able to provide workable solutions to manage delivery and seek efficiencies whilst keeping stakeholders well informed throughout.

Like to know more about what LogiKal has achieved for their Health clients? Check out some of our case studies and then give your local LogiKal office a call and we would be happy to put you in contact with one of our Health Sector specialists to share some of the lessons (‘the good, the bad and the ugly’) we have learnt in successfully delivering complex projects alongside continuing operations.