In an increasingly volatile economic and political climate the property sector remains a key driving force in the construction industry. Whilst performance amongst each sub-sector remains dynamic, continued strong interest in alternative investments such as the private rental sector is promoting growth overall.

 LogiKal 2020 Project Controls Survey Report 

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The construction industry continues to experience challenges in profitability and inefficient project delivery and needs to react to these challenges.

At LogiKal, we specialise in growing capabilities to deliver efficient and effective planning and project delivery solutions throughout the full project lifecycle to encourage a return to improved profit margins.

Seeking New Opportunities

LogiKal can guide your organisation to seek opportunities in any new or existing property sectors. Partner with our high performing teams to develop work winning bids. We can ensure an integrated and collaborative approach to winning future projects in large developments; setting them up for success.

Increased Scrutiny

Governments and investors have also increased pressure for greater transparency in this sector as they look for greater assurance against quality, time and cost overruns.

At LogiKal, we have a wealth of experience delivering efficiently in large and heavily regulated project environments. We can support your organisation to prepare an effective project delivery strategy underpinned by strong performance management to achieve the outcomes and benefits that governments and investors are looking to achieve.

Workforce Support

High skills demand across the wider construction industry continues to pose challenges with respect to skilled staff acquisition and retention. When coupled with uneven planning pipelines and shorter lead times on development frameworks, many organisations find it difficult to maintain a balanced workforce.

LogiKal offers a strategic solution for the property sector, establishing framework agreements for planning, controls and PMO staffing to ensure partners have access to the best trained and experienced team members whenever required.

Technological Support

Technology within the construction industry will also be a disruptive force for the foreseeable future; often placing greater demand on the design, construction and operations of assets. As BIM, smart city initiatives and the Built Environment influence the property sector, the construction industry will need to innovate within the data collection and analysis space.

LogiKal uses intelligent solutions for data collection to support your organisation to make critical decisions with project data analytics and dashboards.

By leveraging our proven approach to project delivery, our clients can rapidly establish a seamless flow of reliable, forward-looking business intelligence data, connecting the work-front to the boardroom, by:

  • Establishing a delivery focused PMO;
  • improving organisational capability, and
  • digitally integrating systems.