LogiKal’s Advisory services improve our client’s ability to govern and manage capital investment programmes. Significantly decreasing their client’s exposure to financial risk, LogiKal’s unique offering draws on their international experience delivering complex multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary project and programmes.

Information SYSTEMS

LogiKal’s extensive operational use of Management Information Systems stands them apart from other technology providers. Knowing what works in practice and what doesn’t, LogiKal draws on their extensive user experience to implement and configure Management Information Systems solutions to ensure their success post implementation.


With vast experience delivering highly complex, multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary programmes and projects and their unique benchmarking capability, LogiKal will rapidly improve delivery though their Managed Services team. Improving outcomes, by benchmarking clients during the initial engagement and developing an agreed improvement programme, LogiKal will ensure performance data can be integrated with broader management information systems and used as a leading indicator to empower delivery teams.

Training and

As skills become increasingly scarce, there is a need for organisations to think differently about how they improve capability within their businesses. LogiKal works with their clients to develop capability from existing, sometimes untapped, talent within their organisations providing clearer development pathway, increasing retention, whilst also improving the consistency in which they approach the delivery of projects.