World class projects benefit significantly by establishing a governance and control framework at the initiation phase, to improve project delivery performance and avoid the financial risks associated with poor management of time and cost


LogiKal’s Advisory services improve our client’s ability to govern and manage capital investment programmes. Early involvement significantly decreasing their client’s exposure to financial risk, LogiKal’s unique offering draws on their actual experience delivering complex multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary capital investment project and programmes.

Project Maturity

Using a range of tools to bench mark PMO performance against best practices or assessing readiness to proceed to the next gate. We also develop concise action plans for you to quickly address any critical issues.

Systems Advisory

Developing a strategy to optimise & digitally integrate project systems & data sets. Create a single source of the truth to put simple to read decision making data in the hands of those who need it when they need it.

Lean Mangement

Transforming organisations by developing a new way of thinking and transforming processes towards operational excellence, collaboration, sustainable benefits and continuous improvement.

In addition to being thought leaders, LogiKal knows what works in practice and can draw on this knowledge to set clients up for success. Defining and implementing governance and assurance requirements early is critical to set up capital investment projects and programmes for success – an agenda being driven by numerous governments globally, along with the industry bodies which support them.

With significant access to bench-marking data and our specialist Intellectual Property, LogiKal is able to work as a “trusted advisor” for clients – helping them understand where they are today and how they get to where they aspire to be in future.