Effective and efficient Management Information Systems are a critical enabler of organisations to empower their management teams with a forward looking, focussed approach

Management Information

LogiKal’s extensive operational use of Management Information Systems stands them apart from other technology providers. Knowing what works in practice and what doesn’t, LogiKal draws on their extensive experience to implement and configure Management Information Systems solutions to ensure their success post implementation.

With a strong focus on Project Management Systems, LogiKal work as a trusted advisor for their clients to help define their requirements and agree an appropriately robust set of Management Information Systems, whether improving a client’s existing systems, or implementing from new, where they don’t exist.

Whether a single or multi-system solution, LogiKal will configure and automate those systems to streamline the capturing of performance data, improve the analysis of that data and provide management and stakeholders with a forward-looking management report to empower management teams and other stakeholders accordingly.