Organisation capability will continue to challenge businesses and projects alike as demand for ‘good people’ increases. Ensuring not only a knowledgeable work force, but one which is in tune with how you as an organisation applies that knowledge is a strong enabler of successful projects.

Training & Capability

As skills become increasingly scarce, there is a need for organisations to think differently about how they improve capability within their businesses. LogiKal works with their clients to develop capability from existing, sometimes untapped, talent within their organisations providing clearer development pathway, increasing retention, whilst also improving the consistency in which they approach the delivery of projects.

The LogiKal 2020 Project Controls Survey Report found that when projects have a team of highly skilled people, they are 1.8x more likely to succeed.  This demonstrates that investing in training to upskill the workforce is worthwhile and greatly beneficial for project success.

Whether to support an organisational transformation journey, or simply to upskill specific individuals within your team, LogiKal can enhance your organisations Project Management capability, drawing on not just theory but their experience delivering projects and programmes globally.

Recognising that skills are learning are best embedded through implementation in one’s day to day life, LogiKal work closely with their clients beyond the classroom environment, to help individuals and organisations alike to implement the learnings and truly embed it.

As part of LogiKal’s capability enhancement solutions, we offer a wide range of standalone Project Management training courses, for both clients and the public; see our training website for full details including course calendar and booking.