Clean, reliable and cost-effective power options are critical for the growth of all economies around the world. From downstream commodity capture and production to the delivery of generation capacity including renewables, LogiKal has been working with clients and delivery partners to create and enhance power supply networks across the globe.

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From the detailed scheduling and cost management required to successfully deliver a major power distribution upgrade program to the risk management techniques required to deliver a mega solar farm project, LogiKal has the strategic, tactical and operational experience to keep your expenditure on track. LogiKal’s outcome focussed integrated solutions empower management through effective and efficient performance management, with robust governance of time, cost, risk and change.

With experience of working on some of the world’s major National Grid power projects through all phases of the generation lifecycle we understand what success looks like and we transfer that knowledge to the delivery teams we work with to achieve positive outcomes for all stakeholders. By advising, implementing and improving delivery performance, LogiKal shape and assist their client’s success by mitigating the delivery risks associated with these complex programs and projects.

Like to know more about what LogiKal has achieved for clients delivering some of the largest projects in the world? Check out some of our case studies and then give your local LogiKal office a call and we would be happy to put you in contact with one of our Power Sector specialists to share some of the lessons (‘the good, the bad and the ugly’) we have learnt in successfully managing some of the world’s most complex Power projects.