Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

We enable immediate decision making and a forward-looking approach by effectively displaying your project data.

Our experts will design bespoke dashboards using tools such as Power BI and Qlik, collating critical project datasets into functional progress summaries and reports.

Our Approach

  • Meet specific information requirements so that management and performance measurement criteria are satisfied
  • Manage and standardise reporting data to maximise data quality and reliability, and to ensure reporting consistency
  • Automate quality data capture and process workflows to ensure the accuracy of the information and improve the speed of report production, leaving more time for analysis and problem solving
  • Provide objective and targeted analytical reports and drill-down visualisations so that critical decisions are based on real-time facts
  • Enable you to understand specific patterns and trends by breaking down complex project data to identify performance and change drivers and to predict outcomes and behaviours
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Case Studies

Awards highlights reel from Project Controls Expo and Awards 2021