New Tube for London Programme

“Given what I thought was an impossible task, LogiKal turned it into a success through hard work and effective integration with the Programme Controls team.”

Programme Controls Manager for Deep Tube
Underground tunnel with man in orange hi-vis
Value Added
  • Effective stakeholder engagement re-enforced the link between the sponsor and the overall programme which has been critical in addressing scope and change issues
  • Implementation and continued support of integrated project controls systems
  • Delivering up-skilling of the developed managed service teams
  • Using ‘best in class’ project controls systems, we were able to get the first program complete with an integrated baseline
  • This model enabled effective stakeholder engagement, facilitating the successful creation of new sets of procedures, reports, and reporting processes
Aerial view of Railway Track in St Mellons Town in Cardiff, Wales UK

South Wales Metro

Following a strategic review, LogiKal guided TfW and AmeyKeolis as they set up an integrated project controls office, defining and developing all structures, processes and systems for performance reporting.

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