Improving Productivity & Project Outcomes Using 5D BIM

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This video looks at the uses and benefits of 5D Building Information Modelling (BIM) for businesses.

  1. Intro to LogiKal
  2. Utilising 5D to Improve Project Value
  3. What is 5D BIM?
  4. Benefits
  5. How can LogiKal Help?

LogiKal is an international strategic project consultancy that specialises in developing and delivering digitally integrated 5D BIM solutions.

What is 5D BIM?

5D BIM is an integrated project controls process to develop, construct and manage an asset during its lifecycle. 3D Design data is linked to cost and programme data to develop a fully integrated 5D digital model. 5D BIM enables a digital twin to be created. This allows organisations to make informed decisions during the design, construction and operation of assets. The benefits of 5D BIM are full control over project budget and key milestones, buildability review and early contractor involvement to optimise solutions, increased cost certainty and accurate forecasting throughout the project lifecycle, precise programming linked with scope to support just in time delivery and 3D virtual walk-through techniques during different stages of construction completion.

The applications of 5D BIM over the project lifecycle leads to a more consistent and accurate cost estimation during the project development phases. 5D BIM can show a clear budget and construction progresses to the clients before the investment. In addition to time management of project controls, 5D BIM provides full confidence in cost control as well.

What LogiKal Does

Our unique experience in delivering complex multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary projects allows us to improve our client`s ability to govern and manage capital investment programmes and maintain an improved project value.

For a project to be successful, it must achieve the value proposition identified in the initial business case whether this is in terms of affordability, quality or programme milestones, the project value must be an integral part of the business plan.

LogiKal is leading innovation in integrated. 4D and 5D project controls on key infrastructure projects. We support clients and contractors to develop their 5D/digital twin implementation strategy to improve collaboration, transparency and certainty for their projects.

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About Iain Cameron

Iain is an Associate Director and leads the Building Information Modelling (BIM) part of the Research and Development Group at LogiKal. 

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