Cities and airlines are constantly competing with each other to provide better Airport services to help their economies and businesses grow. Airport upgrades offer unique challenges, requiring the execution of projects alongside live operations, often with the added security and logistical challenges or working in an airside environment. The number of stakeholders is vast: the paying public, the airline operators, border control and airport operations. All require timely and accurate performance and forecast information from projects to coordinate with operations and to secure funding.

The LogiKal 2020 Project Controls Survey Report found that aviation was the least successful industry at a global level with only 23% achieving its objectives. So what can be done to help improve this? Read the report to find out more.

LogiKal has over 15 years’ experience in delivering air side projects across three continents. Having established Project Management Offices (PMO’s) for some of the world’s largest and busiest airports, LogiKal understand the unique challenges associated with working within this highly regulated environment. Planning and effectively communicating the logistical challenges associated with airports is critical to ensuring successful project delivery outcomes.

LogiKal has held key delivery roles on all of the United Kingdom’s airport upgrade projects for over 15 years. We have used the knowledge and wisdom gained from these economy changing projects to upskill client delivery teams in Europe, Asia and Australia. From mega projects such as Hong Kong’s third runway project to key infrastructure upgrade works at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, LogiKal has transferred our experience for the benefit of the wider delivery teams. LogiKal also has considerable experience in the establishment of airport rail infrastructure such as Heathrow’s T5 Piccadilly line extension and Perth’s new Airport Link. By establishing or holding key roles within the delivery Project Management Office’s (PMO’s) of these major cities changing investments LogiKal have been able to mitigate the delivery risks associated with these mega projects.

Like to know more about what LogiKal has achieved for clients on some of the most complex airport projects in the world? Check out some of our case studies and then give your local LogiKal office a call and we would be happy to put you in contact with one of our Airport Sector specialists to share some of the lessons (‘the good, the bad and the ugly’) we have learnt in successfully managing some of the world’s most complex air side infrastructure projects.

Tom Kent
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Sector Lead: Tom Kent

Tom is Managing Director of LogiKal’s UK business and is a serving Global Board member. Tom is a highly professional consultant in senior functional roles managing project delivery on major engineering projects in the construction and rail sectors, from tender to hand over. Tom started his career on an Oil Stabilisation power systems upgrade project and worked his way through various rail, telecoms and high level strategic roles before starting his career with LogiKal. Tom has a strong track record of implementing integrated Project Controls, best practice planning and project management.