BHP – WAIO Asset Project Portfolio

Solutions Used for This Case Study

The Challenge

LogiKal was engaged to provide planning and scheduling support for BHP. One of the initial challenges was the lack of visibility and accuracy in reporting the progress of BHP’s main projects. Furthermore, once the projects entered the execution phase, there was a lack of detailed planning and clarity.

The Approach

To address these issues, we introduced early contractor engagements to collaborate on developing and refining the activities and sequencing for the execution phase. Through this approach, we established robust processes and planning frameworks that allowed for effective measurement and tracking of progress.

LogiKal’s Value Add

Throughout the process, LogiKa’s SME’s engaged stakeholders regularly, and conducting weekly meetings; fostering open and honest communication. This ensured that everyone involved was on the same page and actively participated in achieving project success.

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The Outcome

Our contribution added significant value by offering BHP staff greater visibility into the status of projects within the portfolio, including tracking against time, cost, and scope. We provided reliable forecasts for milestone dates and proactively flagged schedule risks, enabling early intervention and ultimately reducing project duration and cost.

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