Sydney Metro – Victoria Cross Station

Solutions Used for This Case Study

The Challenge

LogiKal was engaged to address to provide scheduling support for Sydney Metro, specifically, Victoria Cross Station. The various challenges that were faced on this work package included a lack of clearly defined interfaces, the disruptive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the delivery program, and their acceleration measures were not properly assessed. They also played a crucial role in reassessing acceleration measures, recognizing gaps in the initial assessment and refining strategies to optimise efficiency. Furthermore, the client recognised the need to upskill the delivery team(s) to understand the schedule impact.

The Approach

To address these issues, we began with building a strong rapport and trust with the project team, laying the foundation for future collaboration. LogiKal’s SME’s worked with the project team to challenge the delivery contractors on various project methodologies. They effectively managed contractors’ schedules, ensuring coordination and timely task execution, while their expertise in EOT and 17:17 Delay analysis identified and addressed bottlenecks. Their insights into mitigation strategies and assessment of acceleration measures, particularly amidst Covid-19 challenges, were noteworthy.

LogiKal’s Value Add

LogiKal SME’s conducted training sessions to equip the site team with skills in interpreting schedules and understanding Critical Path Methodology (CPM), enhancing their decision-making and project navigation abilities. Additionally, they engaged proactively with the team, providing regular briefings to line managers to keep all stakeholders informed and aligned. Through thorough analysis of role requirements, LogiKal identified areas for improvement and collaborated with relevant stakeholders to enhance project performance and delivery standards, demonstrating expertise, and driving operational excellence.

Train photo
The Outcome

LogiKal SME’s played a crucial role in achieving the agreed target baseline, effectively aligning the scope of work among interface contractors. Their approach ensured that all parties involved were synchronised, thus optimising project efficiency and minimising potential conflicts. Additionally, LogiKal’s expertise was instrumental in approving an acceleration strategy aimed at mitigating delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. They also successfully facilitated communication and collaboration among key contractors across various project domains, ensuring transparency through meticulous monthly reporting with comprehensive MPR and Dashboards.

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